WinScribe Importer

WinScribe Importer 3.8

WinScribe Importer-a transcription management client to control dictation jobs
3.8.5 (See all)
Winscribe Inc Limited

WinScribe® Importer is a transcription management client that enables you to control how dictation jobs are imported. It runs on your PC and regularly scans one or more source folders for dictation jobs. When WinScribe® Importer finds a dictation job in a source folder, it automatically copies it to a selected destination.

WinScribe® Importer allows multiple authors to upload dictation jobs onto the same PC. Rules are used to control how dictation jobs are copied from source to destination. Some dictation jobs may include both a dictation file and a tag file, which provides additional information about the job.

You can also use WinScribe® Importer to control which dictation jobs are to be processed through speech recognition software.

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